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About us

Lahjakamu is a Finnish startup that is revolutionizing the world of gift cards with a new generation service. We offer our users an easy way to send fun and personalized e-gift cards. A wide selection of ready-made templates and ideas are integrated into our service, which enable a personal addition to the gift card. Lahjakamu also offers the possibility to add your own videos, pictures or GIF files to gift cards. 




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What are we resolving

Limited personalization: In most gift card services, personalization options are limited. Users may be able to add a name or message, but cannot fully customize the gift card to the recipient's preferences.

Missing options: In many services, the selection of gift cards is limited or only certain shops or products are available. This can limit the gift card recipient's freedom of choice and make the gift feel less personal.

Complex user interface:

In some cases, buying and sending gift cards can be inconvenient and time-consuming. A complex user interface or long registration processes can cause frustration for users.

Limited delivery options:

Delivery options for gift cards may be limited or their use may be associated with additional costs. For example, Gift Cards that are only delivered by mail may be delayed or lost in the mail, which causes disappointment for the recipient.

Forgetting a gift card:

Traditional Gift Cards can easily be forgotten or lost, resulting in unused funds. Digital options may be more convenient, but managing and tracking them can be difficult for some users.

Due to these problems, the current gift card services do not always meet the needs of users and may cause disappointment for both gift card issuers and recipients.

Our vision and mission

Our mission is to strive to create moments of joy and surprise with the help of digital gift cards, combining the ease of giving and receiving an individual gift. 

Our goal is to make choosing and giving a gift simple, pleasant and meaningful.

Our vision is to become the leading and most trusted marketplace for digital gift cards in Finland and to expand our services internationally. We want to revolutionize what the gift-giving culture offersbelow a unique and personalized experience for each of our users.

We believe that lijakamu can be more than just a marketplace for gift cards, it can be a community that connects people, companies and communities for common values and a sustainable future.


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