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Reach new customers and get guaranteed extra income with Lahjakamu

Lahjakamu kumppanuus

Lahjakamu for partners means the opportunity to become part of the Lahjakamu digital gift marketplace.

Partners can use the Lahjakamu platform to sell their own gift cards and digital products directly to target audiences. This opens up new distribution channels for partners and allows them to reach a wider customer base. In addition, Lahjakamu offers its partners visibility and marketing opportunities on its platform.

Why become a Lahjakamu partner?


Secure additional sales

All payments are processed securely, and partners products are visible in a controlled environment


Completely risk-free

You will not have any costs or obligations, only income


Easy and hassle-free

Our IT team will make sure that we have a simple, hassle-free and effective solution that's right for you.

Add your own gift card codes or let Lahjakamu generate the codes

Gift card redeem in store

The cashier will check the gift card QR code on the screen. The QR code takes you to Lahjakamu online service, which tells you the validity of the gift card

Payment transaction

Gift card redeem in online stores

Customers paste the code of the gift card they receive into the redemption section of the partner's online store checkout, and the amount spent is deducted from their purchases.

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I want to increase my sales and become a partner!

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